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First what happens when a company lets go of a large group of people and does not immediately post that to its main site is not a sign of good management.

LJ has been sold twice recently which indicates a problem

LJ has not posted a significant upgrade to the service in forever yet they promise one soon

All in all this reminds me of Earth and Beyond when it crashed and burned in the same way. I like all the new features that some other blogging sites give you. The reason I went with Wordpress over Bloger is because it has the portability to be hostable as a stand alone site. It also allows you to upload more then 50 posts a day. So far the only thing that livejournal has that wordpress does not is an easy way to filter posts to just a small group of people. Some of you may think this is a big deal. However, once you realize that the code used to post "private" on LJ does not post as such and that their are many ways for the content to be sniped you may realize that what you post on the internet is not private.

Wordpress does let me stream my posts into Facebook which is nice. It also links well with flickr. The down side is flickr is part of Yahoo which in its self is not a stable company.

Wordpress has so many more features then LJ it would take a very long time to list them all.

My recommendation is that if you want more features and better options and more communites that are active create a facebook account and a wordpress account.

Facebook allows you to keep in touch with friend only and setup custom friend filters for posts. Wordpress gives you all the blogging features you could want and can feed into facebook for all your public posts or personal website needs.
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First download and install ljArchive.
Second backup your live journal to your PC. Follow the direction in the program.
Third export from ljArchive to XML file. Select single file. Select a destination name.
Create a account
login to it.
Go to import select livejournal XML file.
click import

All posts and comments now in wordpress.

Note: if you have a really big journal like my wife this may take some time and it might error out at some point. If this happens just look at the last post and then go into ljArchive and export using a new name and select the month option in the drop down list box. Simply add the months that did not make it the first time.

This will be my last LJ post come see me at
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Ok so it seems I may like odd flavors more then some of the women in my life. Made the Honey Ginger Ice cream and it got edible reviews. I liked it, but it needed something else mixed in like pistachios. Overall Four play is a really fun book with some great pastry ideas. I will cook a few more of the recipes before giving the book a final review.

In other news I am looking forward to another Friday of D&D 4th. O and Landon like Fragel rock which makes me happy


Dec. 30th, 2008 08:09 pm
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Everyone has some odd things about them. One of mine is making a bed. Before I sleep at night I must make the bed. Now this may not seem so odd to some of you. However, once you realize that I have about 12 different ways I make a bed depending upon temperature, time of year, and other factors. I make a bed like an English butler or at least how I would imagine them making a bed. Corners must be folded at just the right angle. Not a single wrinkle can be in the base sheet which depending upon the style I am using that night must be aligned a certain way. If done correctly I can go to sleep without issue. The odd thing is non of this has to do with people seeing my bed I will often leave a bed unmade until right before I go to sleep. That way no disturbance can mess it up before I get into it.
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I got Under Pressure by Thomas Keller which is the current only English cookbook discussing Sous Vide. Finished doing a read through and have to say that this will help me a lot in figuring out how to apply this technique to my skill set. The recipes are not necessarily stuff you would execute at home so for that reason I would not recommend this book to anyone I know. If you have a STRONG understanding of science and french preparation techniques and you want a book on Sous Vide to reference it is a fun read. Right now the best thing in the book is the fact that it renames Sous Vide to Precision Cooking. Now I can tell someone the steak I just made was Precision Cooked and they might have an idea what I am talking about. I love French cooking I hate using non English to describe a food or technique. On one hand it adds a level of mystique to the food when you eat something that has a name that you do not understand. However, I never like hiding things regarding food. It just seems wrong to try to feed someone something and make it seem cool by using words. Good food is good food no need of anything else. So in future posts I will use the term Precision Cooking as it just makes me feel better. With any luck I will precision cook some food for friends on Sunday to get a wider feedback. Jen really loves the steaks I have done so far and I personally think they are the best I have ever had.


Dec. 22nd, 2008 03:35 pm
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Cook books are interesting things. For the most part they do not deliver the promise of the photos. Yet many people still buy them. Now their are a few exceptions. Just in case you have not been paying attention every cook should have a copy of "On Food and Cooking" and the "Flavor Bible". The first tells you how to cook something the second tells you what to cook together.

Now I just got a copy of Alinea as a x-mas bonus. This book is the type that could be used to kill someone just in case you need that in your cook books. I have not started cooking out of it as some of the items I need are still shipping in. However, the book did give me the urge to sous-vide some steaks.

Results turned out good. It was basically like cooking a steak so their was no outside just the center. Will try it again soon to see if I can do a modification to the "crust" at the end. If you like odd cooking techniques I highly recommend giving Sous-vide a shot.

It Worked

Dec. 19th, 2008 07:07 am
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People ate the pie. So I can put down Carmel Popcorn Cream Pie as viable. As the only other two options is my friends were really hungry, or that the are willing to subject their taste buds to some very strange stuff out of their love for me.

Ok so if that worked for popcorn lettuce is the only next logical step....
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I need to work outside my usual "safe" set of flavors if I am to make the lettuce flavored cake that has been requested of me. I have some ideas on this one, but need to see if I can get the techniques I will need down before I try it. So for tomorrows henchmas I will attempt to make a Carmel popcorn cream pie. Now I know that I could probably just press Carmel popcorn into a pie crust, but that would be to easy. So what I am going to try is to extract the essence of buttered popcorn solidify it into a cream base and then top the pie with a medium viscosity Carmel sauce.

wish me luck!
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10 board games you should play before you die. No particular order

1) Pandemic - Some games test to see if you are smarter then the other players. This game takes all the players and sees if they are smarter then a world wide bird flu outbreak. Perfectly balanced that a good group will win and a group that does not work together will end up losing Europe to the black death.
2) Arkham Horror (FF edition)– This is the best of the Big games. It will take a few hours to finish you may or may not win. However the team and depth of the game is to good not to experience at least once
3) Agricola - This game proves that playing a dark ages farming simulation is really fun. The Game is easy to learn and incredibly hard to master. The only really problem is when people ask you what the game is about and you say farming simulation.
4) BattleLore - Is it a board game? Is it a miniatures game? I still can not tell. What I can say is it is the most fun tactical battle simulator you can play in an hour. O did I mention that it has an expansion with goblins ridding ostriches?
5) Ticket to Ride (Any edition) - You must play at least one board game with a trains theme and this is the best one to do so in.
6) Last Night on Earth the zombie game - Yea it comes with a CD full of theme music, but that is just the beginning. The end is you blowing up a path to a truck with a stick of dynamite and then bashing your way through the last few zombies hoping that Jenny comes out of the school alive with the keys in time to escape the town before night fall.
7) Quelf – This is the game that women love, men fear, and legends are born from.
8) Power Grid – The best game for a come from behind win and easiest way to teach someone how economics work.
9) Tsuro – This is the game you play while waiting for someone to take a turn in just about any other game.
10) Betrayal at House on the Hill – In some way a great beginner game in others a horrible production with far too many counters. A new edition on this one to clean up the system just a little would make 100% better. Even with all the downers this game delivers both a competitive game and co-op game in the same session brilliantly.

What did I miss?

Edit: I know I missed Chess. I know it would be a great game to learn before you die just in case the grim reaper is really as big of a fan as the media would lead us to believe. But honestly I do not play chess much anymore and BattleLore is a better game for the same concept.
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Games you should play before you die RPG Edition. Not in any particular order.

1st) D&D 4th edition - By far the best D&D game ever. This game takes the concept of adventure based dungeon crawling to a whole new level and represents the best D&D has to offer. Anyone who says otherwise is simply missing the point. Anyone who says 3.0/.5 is better should be punched in the face. OGL killed every good creative thing about roll playing for a good few years. Remember when every other game you ever loved got crushed into the same tired level 1-20 system. 3.0 nearly killed gaming. 4.0 is taking a better approach by keeping the game in house and reducing the number of bad products. That and mechanically it is simply better.

2nd) Deadlands Reloaded - This one is hard because I have a lot of love for Deadlands 1.0, but it does have a lot of mechanical problems that make the game very unstable. Savage Worlds is a better universal system and overall is the best way to enjoy Deadlands. The Reloaded book is also one of the best RPG books ever from a production standpoint.

3rd) Vampire the Masquerade - This is the game you use to get women to play role playing games. You could use other world of darkness products but overall nothing they have plays as well as Vampire. I know some people will be mad that I just said Mage does not play as well. To you people I say go grab Ars Magica and you will understand why I think Mage is not the best Mage system out there.

4th) Aberrant - The best single book superhero game out there. Mutants and Masterminds is also really good, but to me the story portion of the Aberrant universe is also nice. I would not challenge anyone who said that Mutants and Masterminds is a better overall super hero game.

5th) In Nomine - God I love this game. This game is often my number one ranked role playing game. The problem is that it really needs a new edition. The rules are great the setting is more powerful then any other setting for most people to grasp. This game has so much potential and well it just works so good for so many different types of stories. The character generation is also great as everyone gets something that makes them different without breaking the party. If anyone knows Steve Jackson please let him know that I for one would pay a large sum of money to have another In Nomine fix.

6th) Shadow Run 2nd edition - This is the game that I love for post apocalyptic settings. The new shadow run is a better game, but I miss rolling 30 dice at once when I shoot something. 3rd and 4th are also great games and better places to start learning the game, but you should do at least one run in 2nd edition as it will only take you one gaming session. That and at least one person should try to fight with a mono filament whip.

7th) Spirit of the Century - The best character generation system ever. Any other system pails in allowing you to make the character you want and translate that into game mechanics.

8th) Call of Cthulhu (any edition that is not d20) - Yea your not going to live or worse yet end up insane, but that’s the point. Call is about facing impossible odds and reaching for each next breath while battling back evil. You never give up you never surrender and if you do surrender to the darkness you hope the people playing with you put that last bullet in your skull. The game is not about recognition, reward, or even being successful. Its joy comes from knowing that a Planet sized evil being must divert its attention away from the universe just to kill you. This is the game where you go against a god without magical powers or anything like that. You stand in front of him with a revolver and shoot him in the face daring him to do its worst to you. All of this so that while he is killing you the rest of humanity gets another day to live.

9th) 7th Sea - Best pirate game ever! You like pirates? This is the game for you.

10th) Rifts - Ok this is hard you should never start your gaming experience with Rifts. However, once you know what you are doing and have the right GM Rifts gives an experience unlike any other game I have played. You really have to work to make your character. No index, no problem should be your motto. Once you finish your character and get in your first fight you will realize that this game is not balanced. Yup life is not fair and the rules of this game don’t care if each party member is at the same power level. It does not care if the beginning monsters will often kill you in one hit. The only way to win and Rifts is to think on your feat and roll play your way out of the situation. The rules in this game will not save you. That is the charm of it. Its artistic direction and story are also very high quality.

Did I miss something?

The Weekend

Dec. 8th, 2008 08:34 am
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On Saturday got to see Santa at Intel. It was nice and Landon liked everything except sitting next to the large scary man in the red suit. Also on Saturday I got to get some role playing in with Houses of the Blooded This game was designed by the guy who did L5R and 7th sea John Wick. Played for a good 4 hours and will say that if you like high intrigue and political maneuvering combined with romance you will probably really like this game. To summarize the game the group was attending an arranged wedding in the capital city right before it was about to be hit by the living storm shanri. By the end of the game the bride had been murdered her husband convicted and then blackmailed. The big bad confronted and with a little luck sucked out a window into a hurricane. It was fun to play the game with they guy who created it as that gave me a good idea of what the original intent for the game was. Also having the creator of the game play your in game body guard is a very big advantage. The GM was good and overall was a blast. Then met up with Rick for some Thai and watched a few episodes of Hellsing (anime) which was bloody. Sunday had a sick baby who really likes the show KungFu Panda.
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Why is it when New Orleans floods everyone looks so unhappy and starts looting. When Venice floods people kick back and have pastry


Dec. 3rd, 2008 01:17 pm
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been working on adapting my training from distance running to Parkour and Free running. I like to mix up my sports every few years and have basically experienced what distance running can give me. If you have no idea what I am talking about you can see examples here,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/ and

In my view parkour is not a martial art. It has nothing to do with self defense it is more inline with trail running and gymnastics. I am looking at adding some classes by Francesco

He is the guy on the bottom right with no shirt on. He is local and runs a class out of Scottsdale.

Today sucks

Dec. 2nd, 2008 01:42 pm
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It sucks when you work hard and get only the request that you work harder. When people who ignore reality in favor of stupidity. Today is the type of day that makes me want to make explosives.
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Your rainbow is strongly shaded red and green.


What is says about you: You are an intelligent person. You appreciate energetic people. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at


Nov. 28th, 2008 02:37 pm
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ok deconstructing the turkey ahead of time is by far the best method I have found. In total I cooked 6 different turkey dishes spanning Asian, American, and Bobby flavors. Just now finishing two of the pies for tonight's Hench giving. It should be noted that attempting lattice work with GF pie dough is like pleasing two women at the same time. That is to say difficult and draining. However, in theory if done right it looks very pretty.


Nov. 26th, 2008 01:48 pm
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I have cooked turkey just about every way possible. Bagged, Boiled, Grilled, Fry'ed, Baked, Broiled, Basted, Turkey Triangle, Ice bagged, etc. So this year to try something different I have taken the following approach. First cooking the whole bird at one time seems to be just a bit stupid to me. Thus Step one was to thaw the bird and then break it down into its component parts.
- Two large skinless breasts
- Two Legs
- Two wings
- Tasty bits (neck, skin, etc)
- Carcass split at the mid point and then folded inward.

The Idea is that each breast will get a different flavor glaze, the Legs will be broken down in to small dark meat pieces that will be done Asian style. The tasty bits will be reduced to make a gravy and as well as provide individual pieces of flavored fried skin.

This way I will use more of the bird and be able to control the temp of each piece significantly better. I am already getting a little flack from people for doing this, but I just don't really see the appeal of one big bird that is all the same flavor and miss cooked.

I will post with the results after tomorrow.
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Seems like a small price to pay for not having to start tent cities.
* 1. We will not let any of the big financial institutions fail, because Lehman was a mistake on our part that reintroduced systemic risk, and we want that off the table for good.

* 2. We will make sure that your life insurance and your annuities will be there for you.

* 3. We will stem house-price depreciation through a series of tax credits to buy homes and a reinstallation of TARP, complete with an accounting change that does not force banks to take a hit for now against capital, and a purchase of whole loans to refinance them, including the loans on the books at Washington Mutual, now JPMorgan Chase(JPM Quote - Cramer on JPM - Stock Picks) and Wachovia(WB Quote - Cramer on WB - Stock Picks), now Wells Fargo, which have been decimated by Paulson's ridiculous TARP walkaway.

* 4. We will reach out to the servicers of collateralized debt obligations, where 80% of the bad mortgages reside, and we will adjust principal of the mortgages to make some of them come back to life, provided that borrowers are current, and we will stop moralizing. We can give a tax credit to those who pay on time if we have to.

* 5. We will institute a sizable tax credit for hiring people, and we pledge to stop unemployment before it reaches double digits.

* 6. We will provide debtor-in-possession financing from the U.S. government for any auto company that files bankruptcy, and we will guarantee warranties. We will do nothing for those that don't.

* 7. We will begin a trillion-dollar infrastructure program to rebuild America from the ground up.

* 8. We will push our allied central banks, the ECB and the Chinese, to cut rates to 2% to instill growth to their economies.
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You receive an e-mail chain that culminates in "Nope permanent" god I love my job some days.

some days

Nov. 13th, 2008 11:46 am
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I have been working recently on a new scientific method. I think the old one has some problems that really should be addressed. I think some of the methods in statistics attempted to do this, but did so only as support items not as a full fledged replacement for when the scientific method does not apply.

My Nano Wirmo is almost at 20k, but life is tough this month and I do not know if I will make it. To that end I will simply keep writing and add a little more next month. I will finish eventually even if I do not get the cool badge at the site.

Got to see Zack and Miri Make a Porno. I would give it a strong 9 out of 10. Their was only one part that made me cringe, and to be honest the jokes that keyed off the part at later points in the movie were hilarious enough to possibly compensate.
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