Apr. 30th, 2008

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I don't know how things are going when the following conversation happens.

"have you seen Pulp Fiction?"
Me - "yes"
"So basically you are the wolf?"
Me - (Please tell me he does not have a corpse in the car outside) "yes"

Got to meet the cows and the guy with the AK-47 that is hotel security.

had squid and bass for dinner it was a long day.
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Morning had breakfast surrounded by out of shape old men with fairly attractive young women dressed like they belonged in some 80's break dancing movie.

Day was spent mostly walking the call desk. This assignment would have probably been a lot easier if I had ever worked in a call desk environment. As it is I tend to take stupidity poorly and it looks like call desks and stupidity have a strange "friends with benefits" relationship that is not to my liking.

First time trying to navigate a city alone without knowing the native language above the Dora level. Additionally, when there are no road rules it seems like the seat belts in taxis should be functioning. Costa Rica 1 out of 3 taxis has working safety measures. The rain started today for the first time. Has a monsoon type of feel. Also had my first "gringo" tax not sure how I feel about that as Costa Rica is not a tipping culture.

Had cow for dinner it was good.


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