Apr. 28th, 2008

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It has been a long day.

1:45 am – get up take cold shower. Remember next time to turn the always on hot water to start early when leaving early.

2:30 am – Terminal 2 Sky Harbor air port. Nothing here and security does not open for an hour.

5:00 am – Board plan to TX. Start playing “the world ends with you” on the DS. Wow this is a good game. Good enough that if you own a DS you should own this game. Get J-pop songs stuck in head for rest of day.

9:30 am – Land in TX wait 30 mins to get off plane as I was at the very last possible seat. Have some TX BBQ for lunch not half bad. Probably blew my salt intake for the week.

11:30 am – Get on plane to San Jose Costa Rica. Surprised that customs has not been an issue yet. Play more “the world ends with you”.

1:00 pm - Stop playing DS to notice that we are flying over about 4-6 active volcanoes. A few mins later notices a large wild fire.

2:10 pm – Land in Costa Rica. Hard to describe its kind of a cross between Apache Junction and Hawaii.

3:30 pm – Get to hotel and get settled. Skype with family and say hi. Get board and go for a few mile run.

4:30 pm – Order dinner Tequila Lime Salmon with yukka mash and creme’brulee with raisin rum ice cream.

4:35 pm - Find out that Thursday is a national holiday. “Known as International Workers Day in many parts of the world, the holiday is often marked by protests with social and economic undertones.” . . . Ok was not anticipating that. Understand that there is a good chance I am here to fire people. Top news story “ania Díaz on Saturday cling to each other, and to a poster in homage to slain husband and father Riquelmi Díaz, whom thieves killed last year for ¢6,000 ($12).” What did I get my self into??


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