Mar. 5th, 2008

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Role playing games are fun. If you have never been in a good one you really don't know what you are missing. Gygax is dead but not forgotten. I have been spending some time recently trying to hunt down some more of the odder bits of information on D&D 4th edition. As far as I can tell from the early reviews the game will be a great board game. I think this is a good thing as story based character development and style has always been an issue with the system. I would rather buy D&D 4th to run my combat and leave all the social interaction to the players and other companies that do that so much better. As it stands I just purchased a new board game that should arrive soon looking forward to playing this one as it has a hamster launcher! The game seems to be a cross between quelf and house on haunted hill.

Just finished one of my first wyrd miniatures

really like this company does some nice stuff. Nick if you are looking for a small house studio that you could develop some stuff for I would recommend possibly sending them an e-mail.


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