Jan. 7th, 2009

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First what happens when a company lets go of a large group of people and does not immediately post that to its main site is not a sign of good management.

LJ has been sold twice recently which indicates a problem

LJ has not posted a significant upgrade to the service in forever yet they promise one soon

All in all this reminds me of Earth and Beyond when it crashed and burned in the same way. I like all the new features that some other blogging sites give you. The reason I went with Wordpress over Bloger is because it has the portability to be hostable as a stand alone site. It also allows you to upload more then 50 posts a day. So far the only thing that livejournal has that wordpress does not is an easy way to filter posts to just a small group of people. Some of you may think this is a big deal. However, once you realize that the code used to post "private" on LJ does not post as such and that their are many ways for the content to be sniped you may realize that what you post on the internet is not private.

Wordpress does let me stream my posts into Facebook which is nice. It also links well with flickr. The down side is flickr is part of Yahoo which in its self is not a stable company.

Wordpress has so many more features then LJ it would take a very long time to list them all.

My recommendation is that if you want more features and better options and more communites that are active create a facebook account and a wordpress account.

Facebook allows you to keep in touch with friend only and setup custom friend filters for posts. Wordpress gives you all the blogging features you could want and can feed into facebook for all your public posts or personal website needs.


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