Dec. 16th, 2008

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10 board games you should play before you die. No particular order

1) Pandemic - Some games test to see if you are smarter then the other players. This game takes all the players and sees if they are smarter then a world wide bird flu outbreak. Perfectly balanced that a good group will win and a group that does not work together will end up losing Europe to the black death.
2) Arkham Horror (FF edition)– This is the best of the Big games. It will take a few hours to finish you may or may not win. However the team and depth of the game is to good not to experience at least once
3) Agricola - This game proves that playing a dark ages farming simulation is really fun. The Game is easy to learn and incredibly hard to master. The only really problem is when people ask you what the game is about and you say farming simulation.
4) BattleLore - Is it a board game? Is it a miniatures game? I still can not tell. What I can say is it is the most fun tactical battle simulator you can play in an hour. O did I mention that it has an expansion with goblins ridding ostriches?
5) Ticket to Ride (Any edition) - You must play at least one board game with a trains theme and this is the best one to do so in.
6) Last Night on Earth the zombie game - Yea it comes with a CD full of theme music, but that is just the beginning. The end is you blowing up a path to a truck with a stick of dynamite and then bashing your way through the last few zombies hoping that Jenny comes out of the school alive with the keys in time to escape the town before night fall.
7) Quelf – This is the game that women love, men fear, and legends are born from.
8) Power Grid – The best game for a come from behind win and easiest way to teach someone how economics work.
9) Tsuro – This is the game you play while waiting for someone to take a turn in just about any other game.
10) Betrayal at House on the Hill – In some way a great beginner game in others a horrible production with far too many counters. A new edition on this one to clean up the system just a little would make 100% better. Even with all the downers this game delivers both a competitive game and co-op game in the same session brilliantly.

What did I miss?

Edit: I know I missed Chess. I know it would be a great game to learn before you die just in case the grim reaper is really as big of a fan as the media would lead us to believe. But honestly I do not play chess much anymore and BattleLore is a better game for the same concept.


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