Dec. 15th, 2008

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Games you should play before you die RPG Edition. Not in any particular order.

1st) D&D 4th edition - By far the best D&D game ever. This game takes the concept of adventure based dungeon crawling to a whole new level and represents the best D&D has to offer. Anyone who says otherwise is simply missing the point. Anyone who says 3.0/.5 is better should be punched in the face. OGL killed every good creative thing about roll playing for a good few years. Remember when every other game you ever loved got crushed into the same tired level 1-20 system. 3.0 nearly killed gaming. 4.0 is taking a better approach by keeping the game in house and reducing the number of bad products. That and mechanically it is simply better.

2nd) Deadlands Reloaded - This one is hard because I have a lot of love for Deadlands 1.0, but it does have a lot of mechanical problems that make the game very unstable. Savage Worlds is a better universal system and overall is the best way to enjoy Deadlands. The Reloaded book is also one of the best RPG books ever from a production standpoint.

3rd) Vampire the Masquerade - This is the game you use to get women to play role playing games. You could use other world of darkness products but overall nothing they have plays as well as Vampire. I know some people will be mad that I just said Mage does not play as well. To you people I say go grab Ars Magica and you will understand why I think Mage is not the best Mage system out there.

4th) Aberrant - The best single book superhero game out there. Mutants and Masterminds is also really good, but to me the story portion of the Aberrant universe is also nice. I would not challenge anyone who said that Mutants and Masterminds is a better overall super hero game.

5th) In Nomine - God I love this game. This game is often my number one ranked role playing game. The problem is that it really needs a new edition. The rules are great the setting is more powerful then any other setting for most people to grasp. This game has so much potential and well it just works so good for so many different types of stories. The character generation is also great as everyone gets something that makes them different without breaking the party. If anyone knows Steve Jackson please let him know that I for one would pay a large sum of money to have another In Nomine fix.

6th) Shadow Run 2nd edition - This is the game that I love for post apocalyptic settings. The new shadow run is a better game, but I miss rolling 30 dice at once when I shoot something. 3rd and 4th are also great games and better places to start learning the game, but you should do at least one run in 2nd edition as it will only take you one gaming session. That and at least one person should try to fight with a mono filament whip.

7th) Spirit of the Century - The best character generation system ever. Any other system pails in allowing you to make the character you want and translate that into game mechanics.

8th) Call of Cthulhu (any edition that is not d20) - Yea your not going to live or worse yet end up insane, but that’s the point. Call is about facing impossible odds and reaching for each next breath while battling back evil. You never give up you never surrender and if you do surrender to the darkness you hope the people playing with you put that last bullet in your skull. The game is not about recognition, reward, or even being successful. Its joy comes from knowing that a Planet sized evil being must divert its attention away from the universe just to kill you. This is the game where you go against a god without magical powers or anything like that. You stand in front of him with a revolver and shoot him in the face daring him to do its worst to you. All of this so that while he is killing you the rest of humanity gets another day to live.

9th) 7th Sea - Best pirate game ever! You like pirates? This is the game for you.

10th) Rifts - Ok this is hard you should never start your gaming experience with Rifts. However, once you know what you are doing and have the right GM Rifts gives an experience unlike any other game I have played. You really have to work to make your character. No index, no problem should be your motto. Once you finish your character and get in your first fight you will realize that this game is not balanced. Yup life is not fair and the rules of this game don’t care if each party member is at the same power level. It does not care if the beginning monsters will often kill you in one hit. The only way to win and Rifts is to think on your feat and roll play your way out of the situation. The rules in this game will not save you. That is the charm of it. Its artistic direction and story are also very high quality.

Did I miss something?


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