Sep. 9th, 2008


Sep. 9th, 2008 08:22 am
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I like coffee, but not allot of coffee. So the cup I have should be good. At this point I have developed the following loves. First these are the worlds best coffee machines

Once you get one you will find it hard to live without since it does everything on a cup by cup basis you get only the amount you want and it does it in about 34 secs. Be sure to get the reusable k-cup as that is needed for the second part of how to make good coffee.

Now the next piece of hardware you need is an air popcorn popper. You can not make good coffee at home without it. Just about anyone will do so go cheap.

buy one large bowl while you are at it if you do not have them already. Also pick up a coffee grinder.

Then go here and order just about anything they rate as good.

Put green coffee in air popper and turn it on. Set a timer for 6 mins. The first bowl is used to catch the chaf that is like little paper thin coffee beans. Currently I know no good use for this stuff just toss it. After the first cracking sounds stop about 4-5 mins you have made coffee I usually roast until it is darker about the 6-7min mark. You know you are close when the beans start shooting out of the popper. Dump the beans into the bowl and let it cool.

The entire process only takes about 3 mins a day on average to make one very good cup of coffee. Also buying the beans green is significantly cheaper then buying them roasted 50% or more.


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