Aug. 23rd, 2008

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Been having a problem with people recently. For example just today two people entered my back yard and started to play with my dogs. They then knocked on the door. Upon answering confused why this couple was in my back yard they told me how much they loved my Dalmatian. They go on to say how much they love Dalmatians and used to have a few. I don't own a Dalmatian I own a tricolor Great Dane. My family did at one time have a Dalmatian and they look nothing like a Great Dane outside that they both share the colors black and white. First if you do not know the type of dog you are praising then please simply ask. Ok so I kindly corrected them and gave them a look which should of translated into "Why are you standing in my back yard uninvited?" They then asked if I believed in Global Warming? In my book you are not allowed to not believe in something that is proven fact. They then tried to tell me how a picture of a mud-hole used to be a lake and another picture was of a country that was only 17 feet above sea level. I think they wanted me to feel sad about this. I know about Kiribati and just what a messed up place that is. The fact that people choose to live on a coral atoll without having floating houses is not my problem. But I digress. They then asked "did I believe that global warming was caused by humans?" At this point I am wondering just how far I should push these people. Since I am trying to be kind I simply asked "does it matter?" Their next question "Do you believe man can solve global warming?" Ok this one I could answer "yes." Judging by their facial expressions I had again given the wrong answer. Man I just suck this week at communication. I then decided to fully take in the two people in front of me. All the signs were there. The two people in front of me attempting to engage in a science conversation where in fact trying to sell me on the concept that if I join their church God will reverse global warming. This would be proven by the mud puddle being turned into a lake and the people on the coral atoll not drowning. Disease would kill them as God had intended. At this point I think my expression became slightly darker as they stepped back a little. "If I left you this pamphlet would you read it?" The man said as his wife dutifully stayed silent and prayed. "No." The man looked like I had shot his puppy and stated that he would not leave it for me as it would hurt the environment and they both exited the gate to my backyard and then got in their SUV and drove over to my neighbor across the street.

It is not hard to use science to support religion. It is actually quite easy. Why the ones that fail have to come to my back door I will never understand.


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