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Jul. 28th, 2008 07:41 am
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So the cabin trip was fun. Jadesymb will post all the pictures and such so look at her blog for that stuff. Landon was a doll for most of the trip and he loved playing in the river after one small unexpected slip.

Things I got
"I Love Toxic Waste" - T Shirt. I am the only one who loved this movie and this is one of the coolest shirts ever. Val Kilmer may be crazy, but he is probably the one actor I would choose to just hang out with for the fun of it.

Pandemic - This game rocks! However, if Me, Mel, Jewl, Dirk, and Laura ever get put in charge of the CDC the human race will not be long for this world. We lost the human race twice and on the second game we even tried to cheat and failed.

Dogs in the Vinyard http://www.indiepressrevolution.com/xcart/product.php?productid=16174&cat=0&page=1 - Have you ever wanted to play a game where you are a Mormon missionary traveling from Mormon town to Mormon town fighting daemons and punishing the sinful in the old west? Then this is your game. The only real difference is that the missionaries in this game can shoot people if they so choose. This game rocks only problem is only one person I know seems to like the concept.

Trail of Cthulhu - Possibly the best Cthulhu game ever. However, I have not yet read the book.

and a few other cool things that I am not thinking of at this point.

Also my friends indulged my hiking fetish by going on 3 hikes that day. This is a bigger deal when you consider how many children were present.
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I am working on assembling my thoughts on cooking so that the way I cook can be replicated by others. In essence I am making a cook book. In practice it is turning into something different from most of the cookbooks I have encountered. I prefer not to cook based upon exact recipes, but prefer to learn to use ingredients and methods that produce desirable results. Most cookbooks give you a recipe that will ask you to measure a good amount of ingredients into a bowl, stir the bowl a few times, and then bake the resulting mixture in a certain sized dish for a specific amount of time. The problem with this is that it tends to only produce mediocre results. For example any recipe that calls for eggs can be greatly effected by how you treat the egg during the mixing stage. What temperature was the egg at when mixed? What size was the egg? What time of year was it that the egg was laid? Was the egg beaten before hand? How long was it beaten before hand? How did you incorporate the egg into the rest of the ingredients? Now all of this sounds complicated and it is. Cooking is more complicated then Chemistry! (sorry liz). I also have a problem with most cookbooks that give you a 100+ recipes. In my experience there are usually a good number of recipes in most cook books that are horrible. I do not know if this is because the person creating the recipe did not record it properly, or if they simply created stuff that no one would eat just because no one would buy a cook book that had 10 recipes. I want to make a cookbook that has only the items that really taste good. I want it to explain how to make the item and how to treat each ingredient to adjust the final product.

So my question to people who read this post is what is your favorite cookbook?


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