Apr. 9th, 2008

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So Landon loves Cars its not a bad movie to have to watch over and over again, but it will be nice when we can get him to like a little more variety. I am thinking I will do a basic pumpkin pie tomorrow as pumpkin pie goes well with quiche. Been working on the alpha testing for Malfaux and it is interesting to provide input to a game system that will in theory get published. So far I really like the rules and think it will be a very dynamic and fun system. Currently spending a good portion of my day studying for my professional certification in Project Management(PMP). Planing on taking the test at the end of the month. At $405 a pop I really want to pass on the first try. Additionally, just so people understand. Something is not both a science and an art at the same time. It is either a science or an art form. You can not say here is a process that works consistently every time and think you have a science when in fact the process only works if you apply personal interpretation by all the people involved.

I just read up on everything that has happened in SGA and now have a good idea of what has gone on since I stopped watching after the end of season one. Maybe I will buy a Blue-Ray player to watch the second season I'm sure the enjoyment of watching Mckay get shot multiple times will be worth it.


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