Apr. 1st, 2008

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It was an interesting weekend. Had fun at Mel's party just a little mad that I missed that stud when I drilled the hole while mounting her TV. I do not like making mistakes like that, they grate on me every time I see them. Now it is possible that she will repair the hole and I will never see it again and it will be ok. On the other hand it is possible she will not repair it and simply paint over it which will mean I will have to attempt to fix it the next time I go over.

Had fun playing deadlands. Still need to get my character correct. Was not acting quite the right way, but I was tired.

Going to attempt a apple pie for Thursday currently have the plan of using Jazz apples as the base. Still working on finding the perfect apple pie recipe to use. Suggestions are welcome.

Got to start heavy study for PMP exam which is not something I am looking forward to, but should be done with it in a month.

I have been asking questions in a meme that has been making the rounds so in the spirit of fair play if there is any question you have on a subject I do not post about feel free to ask.
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"Why don't you mention Landon more?"

The main reason is that Landon already has his life fairly well documented online via his mother. I also find it hard to post about truly personal things as who really wants to know that I am proud that Landon knows how to manipulate his parents?


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