Feb. 20th, 2008

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Way oversold at this level unless we find out IMA is actually the company responsible for creating and distributing the AIDS virus. On the other hand I just finished Elantris which was good, but paced a little oddly for my taste. It reminds me of early Tom Clancy where the entire book was a setup for the last 8 pages. Makes me wonder if deus ex machina would make a better category split then fiction / non-fiction.

I also just picked up Faery's Tale Deluxe RPG pdf and pre-ordered Monsters and Other Childish Things from http://www.indiepressrevolution.com Both are solid systems with Faery's tale being aimed at young kids or people who like light rules systems. MaOCT on the other hand was written for Fyr. I think they might have also considered maybe one other person as the target audience, but for the most part the system was made for her. Here is an quote to prove my point ...

“I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to eat him.”
“Well, you did! Now what are we going to do?”
“Well . . . skip dinner, for one thing. I couldn’t eat another bite.”
“This isn’t funny.”
“It’s a little bit funny.”
“When they find out Dad’s boss got eaten, Dad is going to get fired, and then we’re
going to have to move into a cardboard box behind the Sip’n’Dash, and I’ll have to
share my corner of the box with Janie because we won’t be able to afford a box big
enough for me to have my own space anymore!”
“ You said that all in one breath.”
“I can swim all the way across the pool in one breath.”
“That’s pretty awesome. We should go swimming.”
“OK, but—hey! You distracted me!”
“I just want you to be happy. You worry about swimming all the way across the
pool and BACK again in one breath, and let me worry about your Dad’s boss.”
“How? How are you going to fi x this?”
“OK, give me a second . . . SMUUUUUUUUURGUAH! There.”
“That . . . how . . . Mr. Wilkins?”
“Sure! Ever since I kicked the crap out of Chameleon Pete last week,
I can turn into anything I want.”
“No kidding! So like . . . you could turn into Miss July?”
“Easy peasy, my friend. Just let me eat her up,
and I’m your dream girl.”
“Ah. . . . We’ll put that one on the ‘Maybe Later’ shelf, right?”
“Let’s get back downstairs before Mom starts worrying her
meatloaf is cold.”
“I shudder to think of your mother’s meatloaf.”
“You just ate a full-grown CPA! With ballpoint pens and shoes and wallet.”
“He tasted like salty hot dogs.”


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