Jan. 21st, 2008

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First a note about race and gender. IT DOES NOT HAVE ANY SIGNIFICANCE TO A PERSONS ABILITIES WHEN TALKING ABOUT SPECIFIC PEOPLE! If you encounter someone who does not understand this and thinks that a valid deference please physically assault them if your morals allow or at least verbally berate them in public. The last time I felt this way was when people started talking about gay marriage. I did the calculations in my head and decided that was perhaps the dumbest political debate argument one could have. At that time I ignored it and humored people who talked about it and argued over it. I realized that I am somewhat responsible for not stopping such behavior. Today my beloved NPR started multiple conversations on race gender and the democratic presidential candidates. They seemed to think it was an important topic of conversation that some how Hilary and Obama are really the same exact person with the only difference being their race and gender. It took me about 15min to research and I now know that they have different political views that are not in any way linked to their race or gender. Why do people make these stupid arguments when their are more important things that need to be addressed.

For instance the fact that a good half of the people that I know will likely lose their job on Tuesday if the the Fed does not make a full 100 basis point rate cut. Even if they do make the cut a good 25% of my friends will be looking for new work as the economy tanks. All of this relates to deflation and insurance. It's a hard knot to untie but important. If my prediction is true I will post the corrective actions needed at a later date for now I am just hoping that I am really wrong and Tuesday will not be the beginning of bad times for allot of my friends.


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