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Jan. 9th, 2008 02:22 pm
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I just started receiving my subscription to the Economist (www.economist.com). This may be my favorite magazine of all time for quality news articles. Mens Health which I also subscribe to is nice and easy read as is Popular Science. However, very rarely do those two magazines produce articles that are as insightful as Economist.

In other news I have to vote in the Republican Primary soon. Currently I favor Ron Paul. Thats not to say he is the best possible choice ever just that he seems to have the greatest understanding of things from an logical standpoint. However, my rules for voting is that I can only vote for one of the top two contenders. Once it gets closer I will post who I am choosing and why.

However, on the Democratic side of the house I can say that an Obama ticket would make me the most happy. He speaks well and for politics that counts for allot. He also does not have a true universal health care plan. It was interesting watching Hillary and Obama supporters talk to Larry Kudlow and Ben Stein. It should be noted that if you are going to go on a TV talk show you should probably watch at least one episode first. Kudlow only respects people who can give accurate numbers that are based in facts. If you go on his show and you can not explain how your issue will effect GDP, inflation, and free trade by siting numbers you will get eaten alive. Also the guy is crazy and knows most of the published world wide financial numbers so don't just make something up as you will get called on it. Ben Stein just tore into both Hillary's and Obama's reps for not having any details on how they were going to change anything. I felt bad for the two people because all they had to defend themselves was to say the tag lines of their candidates.

My key issues (any candidate that had some or all of these would probably get a donation from me)

On the subject of health care.
I would be ecstatic if a single presidential candidate realized why health care costs are increasing. The most efficient way to lower health care costs is to create more doctors. Doctors are the limiting factor. People needing care are increasing as population ages. Doctors are decreasing as the economic incentives and requirements are also increasing. End results is costs go up as more people are competing for the same resource. Any health care plan that does not increase the supply of doctors in some way will not be solvent. Additionally, we could save lots of money if being a convicted criminal meant that all your redundant organs were forfeit. Go to jail with two kidney's leave with one. Get sentenced to death they take every part they can use for someone else. Also changing the farm bill would go along way to helping with the country health problems.

On the economy
Fed better cut rates and inflation should be calculated on an evolved method that gets rid of the stupid stuff. Currently the Fed thinks inflation is out of control because the number includes the cost of gas and food. Now since most of our food is based upon corn subsidies the market for corn is not accurate when you look at the numbers. Basically gas prices go up so we look for alternatives. People see corn as being cheap because it is subsidized and want to use it to replace gas. This starts the ethanol craze which drives up corn prices. Since corn was already subsidized and now ethanol is subsidized what happens is the following. Cost of corn goes up because people want to buy the corn to replace the oil. The cost of manufacturing corn uses more oil from vehicles and fertilizer then the raw output of ethanol. So basicaly you are paying someone to use 1.5 gal of fuel to produce .9 gal of fuel. Because we eat corn in almost all our products it is causing the cost of all those products to go up as the seller of corn only has so much to sell. End result is it looks like inflation to the Fed. This causes the Fed to raise lending rates when it should be lowering rates due to the deflation pressure that is being caused by falling house prices. End result is the amount of money in the economy goes negative and everyone loses money. In addition the environment gets worse because you are using tax payer money to burn more fuel then would happen if everyone just used oil. To fix the problem you need to remove the corn subsidy and Ethanol subsidy and let people drive cars that are produced according to free markets.

On Gay people
WTF stop already. Gay people are no different then strait people. They get the same rights and problems period!

On Abortion
Abortion is a medical procedure. Don't focus on outlawing the procedure focus on fixing the problem. Teach kids how to have safe sex. Help people who get pregnant make the right choice for their situation. Abortion is not always the wrong or right choice it depends on the situation.

On Evolution
Huckabee is stupid. If you do not understand the science of evolution then you can not make wise choices that effect the real world. Since everyone lives in the real world it would be logical to follow those rules instead on ones written by white raciest idiots over 2,000 years ago.

On Iraq
We lost. Iraq is filled with people like Huckabee they believe the laws of reality are different from what they actually are. If we can not teach all Americans how the laws of physics and biology work how do you think we can teach a group of people who don't speak English and have no understanding of science. Yes we leave and people die. Yes terrorist will live there. End result is staying there is a waist of money that could be better spent on fighting terrorist by learning how to fight stupidity.

On Education
Spend extra money here. There are so many good ways to improve the education system in this country. Why not start spending the money to do so?

On the Budget
You can not balance the budget without doing allot of the items already mentioned above.

On Taxes
Realize that any way you cut it the rich will still be rich and find a way to keep their money. They got rich for a reason and they will most likely stay that way. Taxes need to be high enough to get the job done, but other then that let the people choose where to spend their money.

On Voting
The electoral system is not fair. People don't understand it and they don't realize what it does. Popular vote works on the state level really well it would work on the federal level just as well.

On video games and gun rights
These do nothing, people are the problem not their hobbies. Having a gun will not keep the US Army from taking over the country. Playing video games does not make you kill people. Unless you have really good documented evidence that is statistically significant do not spend anytime trying to write any new laws on these two issues.

Rant over for now.


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