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I got Under Pressure by Thomas Keller which is the current only English cookbook discussing Sous Vide. Finished doing a read through and have to say that this will help me a lot in figuring out how to apply this technique to my skill set. The recipes are not necessarily stuff you would execute at home so for that reason I would not recommend this book to anyone I know. If you have a STRONG understanding of science and french preparation techniques and you want a book on Sous Vide to reference it is a fun read. Right now the best thing in the book is the fact that it renames Sous Vide to Precision Cooking. Now I can tell someone the steak I just made was Precision Cooked and they might have an idea what I am talking about. I love French cooking I hate using non English to describe a food or technique. On one hand it adds a level of mystique to the food when you eat something that has a name that you do not understand. However, I never like hiding things regarding food. It just seems wrong to try to feed someone something and make it seem cool by using words. Good food is good food no need of anything else. So in future posts I will use the term Precision Cooking as it just makes me feel better. With any luck I will precision cook some food for friends on Sunday to get a wider feedback. Jen really loves the steaks I have done so far and I personally think they are the best I have ever had.
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